used to jump from a <cfcatch> block, back to the beginning of the <cftry> block.

This tag cannot have a body.

This tag is also supported within <cfscript>


This tag does not use any attributes.


	<cfset counter = 1>
	Firing http call in thread, so on first try we may not get the result<br>
	<cfthread name="httpCall" action="run">
		<cfhttp url="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_in_film" result="thread.httpWikiResult">
		<cfdump var="#httpCall.httpWikiResult.filecontent#" label="http result" />
			Waiting for 1 second and retrying<br>
			<cfthread action="sleep" duration="1000" />
			<cfset counter += 1>
			<cfif counter LTE 5> <!--- You may want to limit the number of retry, because hard error may lead to infinite loop --->
				<cfretry />

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