Specifies parameter information, including type, name, value, and length. The cfprocparam tag is nested within a <cfstoredproc> tag.

This tag cannot have a body.

This tag is also supported within <cfscript>

Attribute Description
number, optional

Maximum length of the parameter.

string, optional

The variable name that you use to reference the value that the output parameter represents after the call is made to the stored procedure.

number, optional

Number of decimal places of the parameter.

boolean, optional

Indicates whether the parameter is passed as a null. If you specify Yes, the tag ignores the value attribute.

string, optional

This attribute has been deprecated, use instead the attribute "sqltype" that has exact the same functionality.

string, optional

Indicates whether the passed variable is an input, output or input/output variable. Default is IN. The value IN passes the parameter by value. Values OUT and INOUT pass parameters as bound variables.

string, optional

This attribute has been deprecated and is non-functional.

any, optional

Corresponds to the actual value that Lucee passes to the stored procedure.

string, optional

The SQL type that the parameter (any type) will be bound to.



There are currently no examples for this tag.

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