A container for user login and authentication code.

Lucee runs the code in this tag if a user is not already logged in.

You put code in the tag that authenticates the user and identifies the user with a set of roles. Used with <cfloginuser> tag.

This tag must have a body.

This tag is also supported within <cfscript>

<cflogin idletimeout=number applicationtoken=string cookiedomain=string ><!--- body ---></cflogin>
Attribute Description
number, optional

Time interval, in seconds, after which Lucee logs off the user.

* unimplemented *
string, optional

The login that applies to the application. To let users log in to only one application, specify a unique value for that application. To let users log in to multiple applications, specify the same value for those applications. If you do not set a value for the applicationtoken attribute, the default value is CFAUTHORIZATION_applicationname.

* unimplemented *
string, optional

Domain of the cookie that is used to mark a user as logged in. Use this attribute to enable a user login cookie to work with multiple clustered servers in the same domain.

* unimplemented *


	<cfloginuser name = "test" password = "password" roles = "user,admin,editor">
<cfdump var="#getUserRoles()#" />

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