Used with the <cfchart> and <cfchartseries> tags. This tag defines chart data points.

It's data is submitted to the <cfchartseries> tag.

This tag cannot have a body.

This tag is also supported within <cfscript>

Requires Extension: Chart Extension

<cfchartdata item=string value=number >
Attribute Description
string, required

string; data point name

number, required

number or expression; data point value


Simple example for Chartdata

<cfchart format="jpg" title="Sales Result" backgroundcolor="yellow" showborder="true">
  <cfchartseries type="curve">
    <cfchartdata item="2016" value="#RandRange(100,500)#">
    <cfchartdata item="2017" value="#RandRange(100,500)#">
    <cfchartdata item="2018" value="#RandRange(100,500)#">
    <cfchartdata item="2019" value="#RandRange(100,500)#">

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