Iterates over every entry of the given list and calls the closure with every element.

This function will reduce the list to a single value and will return the value.

string.listReduce( closure=function, initialValue=object, delimiter=string, includeEmptyFields=boolean, multiCharacterDelimiter=boolean )

Returns: any

Argument Description
function, required

function/closure that implements the following constructor

function(any result, object value, numeric index, string list, string delimiter){ return result; }

Alias: function, callback, udf

object, optional

initial value passed as part of the first closure call

Alias: initial, initalValue

string, optional

delimiter used to separate the string list

boolean, optional

include empty fields or not

boolean, optional

Specifies whether the delimiters parameter specifies a multi-character delimiter.

If this parameter is true, the delimiters parameter must specify a single delimiter consisting of multiple characters.

This parameter enables the ListToArray() function to convert a list such as the following to an array of color names:



numbers = "1,3,5,7";
	reducedVal = numbers.listReduce( function(previousValue, value)
		return previousValue + value;
	writeOutput("The sum of the digits #numbers# is #reducedVal#");

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