Gets a structure(s) from a specified path.

StructGet( PathDesired=string );

Returns: any

Argument Description
string, required

Pathname of variable that contains structure or array from which Lucee retrieves structure.

Alias: path


animals = {
	cat: {
		activities: {
		    sleep: true,
		    eat: true,
		    drink: true

// Show all animals Dump( label: "All animals", var: animals );

// Get cat activities in animals getCatActivities = StructGet("");

// Show results of getCatActivities Dump( label: "Results of StructGet("""")", var: getCatActivities );

// If the path does not exist, result returns an empty structure. findDog = StructGet("");

// Show results of findDog Dump( label: "Results of StructGet("""")", var: findDog );

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