This function exists solely for the purpose of compatibility with other CFML Engines.

We strongly recommend not to use this function. to create a cache connection either declare it in your Application.cfc or create it via the in the Administrator interface.

Status: deprecated


CacheRegionNew( cacheName=string, properties=any, throwOnError=any, password=string );

Returns: void

Argument Description
string, required

the name of the cache connection to create (also known as Region in other CFML engines).

Alias: cache, region

any, optional

a structure specifying the cache properties

Alias: propsSruct, props

any, optional

specifies whether the function should throw an exception if a cache connection with that name already exists.

Default is true.

string, optional

the password for the web administrator is required to interact with Cache Connections. You can optionally set it for your Application in Application.cfc using the variable [this.webAdminPassword].

Alias: webAdminPassword


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