Installing Tomcat and Lucee on Mac OS X using the Lucee WAR file

Download a copy of Apache Tomcat 8.5 core, available at the Tomcat download page.

Install Tomcat by extracting the downloaded archive. Extract the archive to your home folder, /Users/. For convenience, you can rename the resulting folder from //apache-tomcat-8.5.29// to //tomcat//.

  1. Go into tomcat/webapps/. Delete the /ROOT/ folder and /ROOT.war/.

  2. Next, go to the Lucee download page and download the latest lucee war file.

  3. Rename the lucee war file to /ROOT.war/ (note the capitalization).

  4. Copy the renamed /ROOT.war/ file into tomcat/webapps/.

  5. Next, open a web browser to localhost:8080/lucee/admin/web.cfm. You should see the Lucee Web admin login screen. Lucee is now installed.

  6. You may want to install mod_cfml to use Apache

Next Steps

From this point you can configure your Tomcat instance and set up your applications in Lucee.