Lucee Documentation

Welcome to the Official Lucee Server Documentation.

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Lucee is a high performance, open source, ColdFusion / CFML server engine, written in Java.

The documentation here aims to provide a thorough reference and guide to all things to do with the Lucee Server. This includes reference material on both Functions and Tags as well as more in-depth articles in the Guides and tutorials section.

Our documentation is an open source and community driven effort. It is also a constant work in progress and we always welcome feedback, improvements and suggestions. You can find out more about contributing to the Documentation in the About the docs section.

To find out more about getting involved as a developer with Lucee, checkout our Git Repo

Getting help

Lucee 5.4

Lucee 5.4 is the stable release and is recommended for production systems. More details are available in the Lucee 5 section of these docs.

Lucee 6.0

Lucee 6 is the next major release of Lucee, currently in development. See the Lucee 6 category on our developer forum.

Highlights include, reduced size, faster startup, single context mode, JSON based configuration and much more.

Lucee 5.3

Lucee 5.3 now in maintenance mode and no longer actively developed. It will only be releasing critical bugfixes and security updates.

Lucee 4.5

Lucee 4.5 is the legacy stable release of the Lucee platform. It is End of Life (EOL) and no longer supported.

Java API Docs

For Java API documentation of the Lucee server engine, please visit

Lucee on YouTube

We also have a channel on YouTube where you can find further tutorials and tips: Lucee YouTube Channel