There are a few different ways to get Lucee up and running on Windows, you can Download and Install the traditional Installer, or the Express version (which just runs out of a folder) or you can use CommandBox which provides an automated way to manage and deploy both Lucee and Adobe Coldfusion servers (it's sort of like Docker but a million times less complex)


Here are some in depth guides to setting up an environment to run Lucee on a Windows, you probably won't need to delve into the following sections if you are using one of the above approaches as they automate most of this.


  • A Windows machine with Full administrator privileges
  • Basic understanding of the Windows Registry, file system and user management
  • Basic familiarity with the command line

Automated Deployment

All of the tasks described in this guide can be integrated into a software management tool such Microsoft SCCM. Everything can be done on the command line, which is perfect for scripting and packaging.

    • - This guide is a work in progress. Please be patient, more to come ;-)

Author: Martin Schaible. Thanks to Julian Halliwell for the proof reading.