Defines cookie variables, including expiration and security options.



This tag cannot have a body.

This tag is also supported within cfscript


Attribute Description
(boolean, optional)

If HttpOnly is set to true, this cookie is marked as HttpOnly, by adding the HttpOnly attribute to it. HttpOnly cookies are not supposed to be exposed to client-side scripting code, and may therefore help mitigate certain kinds of cross-site scripting attacks.

(string, optional)

Domain in which cookie is valid and to which cookie content can be sent from the user's system. By default, the cookie is only available to the server that set it. Use this attribute to make the cookie available to other servers.

        Must start with a period. If the value is a subdomain, the
        valid domain is all domain names that end with this string.
        This attribute sets the available subdomains on the site
        upon which the cookie can be used.
(object, optional)

Schedules the expiration of a cookie variable. Can be specified as a date (as in, 10/09/97), number of days (as in, 10, 100), "Now", or "Never". Using Now effectively deletes the cookie from the client browser.

(string, optional)

URL, within a domain, to which the cookie applies; typically a directory. Only pages in this path can use the cookie. By default, all pages on the server that set the cookie can access the cookie.

        path = "/services/login"
(boolean, optional)

if set to true, Lucee url encodes the given name and value if necessary.

(string, required)

The name of the cookie variable.

(string, optional)

The value assigned to the cookie variable.

(boolean, optional)

Yes or No. Specifies that the variable must transmit securely. If the browser does not support Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security, the cookie is not sent.

(boolean, optional)

if set to true Lucee keep the original case for the name, otherise the name is converted to a upper case string


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