Specifies a data point to be displayed by a cfgraph tag.

This tag cannot have a body.

This tag is also supported within <cfscript>

Status: deprecated

<cfgraphdata value=string item=string color=string url=string >
Attribute Description
string, required

Value to be represented by the data point.

string, optional

The item label for the data point. The item labels appear on the horizontal axis of Line and Bar charts, the vertical axis of Horizontal Bar charts, and in the legend of Pie charts.

string, optional

The color to use when graphing the data point. The default is to use the values from the cfgraph tag colorlist attribute or the built-in default list of colors. Line graphs ignore this attribute.

Alias: colour

string, optional

A URL to load when the user clicks the data point. This attribute works with Pie, Bar, and HorizontalBar charts. This attribute has an effect only if the graph is in Flash file format.


There are currently no examples for this tag.

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