How do I get support? Questions related to support and licencing

What is the easiest way to obtain support?

If you need help for any particular reason you have the following possibilities:

Where can I host my Lucee site?

At the moment several hoster offer Lucee hosting. The best way is to contact us or write a mail to Bluegras in Munich.

What are the license restrictions of the Lucee Community?

The Lucee community can be used for free. Of course there comes an except?
The restrictions can be read on the description page of the Lucee Community.

Besides that have fun!

How can I buy a Lucee license?

You can buy Lucee by logging into the Customer Center and following the link to the licences. A Paypal account is required. If for any reason this is not possible just send us an according message by using the Contact form.

Is Lucee open source?

No, the "Lucee Community" is freeware but not open source.