What licence does Lucee use?

Lucee uses the GNU Lesser General Public licence version 2.1 or as it is more commonly known, LGPL v2.1.

I'm not a lawyer, please explain LGPL

There is a pretty good explanation here and even why you shouldn't use the LGPL. The also has an excellent PDF explaining licensing in general.

Can I host a non-commercial or a commercial website using Lucee?


Can I provide non-commercial or commercial hosting using Lucee?


Can I create my own Lucee installer for non-commercial or commercial purposes?


Can I include Lucee on a CD / DVD / BluRay Media?


Can I embed Lucee in my non-commercial or commercial application?

Yes, provided that you've left the licence and source intact.

Can I modify the source of Lucee?

If you modified the source, you must provide us a patch of what was modified.

How does Lucee make money or stay in business?

Lucee Technologies offers: Paid Extensions (cluster scope, cfvideo and more!), Professional services, Support contracts with full SLA Training